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Viking Social Marketing Multi-Media Course

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Virtually every successful business today has not only a
social media presence,
but a clearly defined social media strategy.

For many businesses, Facebook now outranks their own website in importance and attention.
It’s where everybody is!

Check out these stats:


* Facebook users generate 4 million Likes, 510,000 comments, and 293,000 status updates… per minute!
* More than 40% of marketers report that Facebook is a critical part of their business.

* Almost 1.2 billion daily logins occur and 6 new profiles are created every second.
* There are almost 1.8B monthly active users and that’s growing by 500K per day.

* Almost 40% of the entire world’s online population is on Facebook.


* 54% of consumers on Twitter reported taking action in response to seeing brands mentioned in a Tweet.
* 58% of the world’s top brands have built and maintained enormous Twitter followings (100K+).

* 42% Tweet 5 times per day, and 20% Tweet up to 10 times per day.
* 92% of businesses Tweet more than once per day.


* LinkedIn is a global site—which is an effective means of growing your business well beyond your local service area.
* There are 1.5 million professional LinkedIn Groups in hundreds of industries.
* 46% of B2B social media traffic comes from LinkedIn.

* 41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.


*Over 60% of users have learned about a new product, services, business, or brand after finding them on Instagram.
*Instagram has over 700 million active users AND 400 million active users use the app every single day.

*Over 250 million Instagram users engage with Instagram stories (paid ads) each day.
*Users share over 95 million photos and videos each day.


* 72% of users make offline purchasing decisions based on Pinterest content.
* 14 mil rich pins posted daily and 5% of all web traffic comes from Pinterest.
* 87% make purchases after seeing products or services on Pinterest.
* 93% use it with an eventual purchase as their primary goal.
* The average Pinterest user session is just over 14 minutes.

If you’re not using and profiting from Social Media Marketing,

you’re losing money!

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