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Viking Retargeting Multimedia Education Course

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Retarget: (verb, Internet usage)  advertising to consumers based on their previous actions or behavior.

Retargeting shifts your focus from “cold traffic” to bringing back higher-converting “warm traffic” that’s already familiar with your brand or product.

Why do you care?

* Retargeted visitors are 70 percentmore likely to convert on your site.
* Display ad CTRs are 10 times higherwith retargeting.
* Retargeting is 150% more effective at bringing cart abandoners back.
* 50% of major brands have a budget specifically for retargeting.

Shouldn’t you use this powerful tool?

Of course you should, but it impossible to benefit from a tool you don’t know how to use.

This audio/video/eBook course
will teach you how to utilize retargeting in you Online Marketing strategy.

Check out the sample video above to learn how
can help you in your online marketing.