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Viking JV Recruiting from DeMarSouthard.com

Do you have a product for sale online?

Are you using Affiliate Marketing?

Why not?

Today, in the IM industry, “JV” has become shorthand for Affiliate
(How could that be? JV actually stands for “Joint Venture.”
As a product producer you can work with a partner as an Affiliate in a Joint Venture relationship.
Now that that’s out of the way…)

If you’ve created a product you probably use paid advertising as part of your marketing strategy.
* If you’re not a skilled copywriter and web designer you have to pay someone to create your ads,
* You have to pay for the ad before you know whether it results in any sales,
* You use complicated A/B testing and tracking to analyze your campaigns,
* And all your work may result in disappointing sales volume.

The JV model is safer because payments are made after successful sales
and commission cost per sale is decided in advance.

Optimization and testing are not necessary,
as this is handled by JVs who already know what works for their audiences.

But how do you go about recruiting Affiliates?
Those JV partners who are going to drive buying customers to your product?

This Video/Audio/eBook package will show you
just how to
maximize your profits and minimize your marketing
time so You can use your time where it’s most valuable —
creating and improving products for additional sales and profits! 

You’ll learn:

* How to structure contests and create a leaderboard,
* the components of a JV recruiting page,
* how to create swipes and graphics,
* how to create the sales funnel,
* the commission model,

and much more!

Click the link above for a sample of the video series,
then add this valuable multi-media course to
your arsenal of online marketing knowledge and skill.