About the Download

Viking Guide to Bonus Creation

from DeMarSouthard.com

Bonuses? We don’t need no stinkin’ bonuses!

Actually, YES, you do.

For Vendors

Bonuses increase the perceived value of your product.
Attractive bonuses significantly increase conversions.
Bonuses can act as collateral in a dual guarantee
(e.g. buyers may keep your $500 worth of bonuses in addition to a full refund).

For Affiliates

*** Bonuses are the only real way to stand out from competing affiliates and incentivize
people to click your link instead of someone else’s.

*** Offering bonuses can increase affiliate sales by 5 times.
***This is accomplished by creating a bonus page and sending
potential buyers to that page instead of the offer page first.

Come on over to the winning team — Offer some valuable bonuses! 

This course will teach you everything you need to create and market winning bonuses that will boost sales and profits.