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Viking Banner Ads Multi-Media Course

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Banner ads go back. Way back. They are literally a centuries-old form of advertising. The fact that they’re still with us today, in a new digital form, is clearly a testament to their effectiveness.

Question is: How can you use them?

Banner advertisements are actionable, clickable, tappable images that invite web visitors to buy, learn about, or receive something in exchange for a click-through.

Banner ads come in various shapes and sizes as well as different image file formats (.jpg, .png, or .gif) and are often animated, using .gif or Flash images or even using new “rich media” formats that go far beyond basic animations.

Viking Banner Advertising will teach you how to take advantage of Banner Ads to bring traffic to your site, no matter what you’re offering.

While only one part of your total marketing campaign, Banner Ads are a necessary ingredient to your success. 

Don’t let this valuable, often-times free advertising go to waste.

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