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Viking Product Launch Multi-Media Education

from DeMarSouthard.com

Why Launch Your Own Product?

Affiliate Marketers struggle with getting the word out to the world about products they represent
and that could relieve a lot of online marketers’ problems…

…if they only knew about them!

But how to get the word out?

Simple! Build a huge email list and send the word to everyone on it.

Sure. Easy to say, but how to you build a huge list?

You’ve been told to give away free lead magnets to build your list and then turn around and generate revenue by doing affiliate marketing.


Freebie-seeker lists do not work! Email addresses are usually fake or they are “junk” email accounts that aren’t regularly opened.

Successful internet marketers today are all building their buyers lists — a list of people who have proven they are serious habitual buyers because they bought YOUR product and who provide REAL email addresses.

Viking Product Launch will teach you:

The difference between a soft launch and a hard launch and which one is BEST for your product.

How to recruit JVs who will drive traffic to your product…
WITHOUT spending huge amounts on advertising that might not work.

You’ll learn:

* Sales Pages
* Sales Funnel
* Support Desk
* Pricing Model
* Delivery Options
* Marketplaces/Payment Platforms
* Autoresponder Welcome Sequence

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