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Viking Product Creation Audio/Video eBook Education Bundle

The vast majority of internet marketers got their start with affiliate marketing. And why not? It’s relatively easy and the potential for a good income seems too good to be true.

As with most things that seem too good to be true, there’s a high probability that it is.

You follow the recommendations, get an affiliate ID for a good product, create an account with an email forwarder, create a freebie to attract customers and a landing page for the product and start your marketing campaign to get interested people to your landing page, collect an email address and send them on to the product offering page.

How easy could it be? Right?


You find that most people give fake email addresses just to get your freebie. If they give a real email address, it’s one reserved for junk mail they never check, except if they have to confirm an address to receive the freebie.

What to do?

Create your own product.

  • You control your profits. You don’t have to make due with small commissions or split the revenue with anyone.
  • Creating and selling a product establishes credibility like nothing else. In a market packed full of so-called gurus and celebrity marketers, you’ll absolutely need credibility.
  • Buyers Lists tend to me much more responsive and more likely to buy things you market to them.
  • Creating products gives you content you can repurpose or package with other products later on.
  • It’s what all successful online entrepreneurs are doing. Look at your inbox right now. What do all your favorite entrepreneurs’ and marketers’ emails have in common? Sure, they’re all pitching other people’s stuff as affiliates. But, they are also all launching and promoting their own products (some of them do it every month!)

Not a programmer? Then create eBooks, video courses, or any number of other product types.

This audio/video/PDF course from Viking will show you exactly how to launch and market your own product creation business.

If you want to mimic the success of top entrepreneurs today you need to do what they’re doing:

Create Your Own Product.

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