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Today’s Top Internet Marketing Strategies

Internet marketing is the use of internet properties and traffic to generate leads, sales, or brand awareness. This is typically done via search engine visibility, social media marketing, email marketing, and various forms of paid advertising.

The top internet marketing strategies today are…

  • Email Marketing: Using an autoresponder service to send out promotional emails or automated sequences in order to drive sales.
  • SEM: Paying to make your ad appear as a search engine result prominently above or below organic search engine results.
  • SEO: Various on-site and off-site practices and factors to make your web properties rank higher in search results.
  • Ad Networks: Placing banner image ads, video ads, or simple textual ads in front of web traffic on a variety of websites.
  • Individual Site Ads: Approaching websites on an individual basis and securing ad space.
  • Social Media Marketing: Using paid or organic methods to build a social following and drive traffic from social networks.
  • Video Marketing: Promoting your business or products using paid and organic video content on video sharing sites, social networks, or ad networks.
  • Content Marketing: Publishing useful, non-promotional content in order to build goodwill, credibility, and brand recognition.
  • Old School Methods: Less common methods including blog commenting, video commenting, and forum posting which can be useful when used sparingly and not abused.

If you are not an expert in implementing all these methods in your business…

You’re Losing Money!

This audio/video/eBook education package will give you the information on the topics above and get you started on the road to successful internet marketing! Yes, these are the basics you need to succeed, but as any successful business person can tell you, knowing the basics is fundamental to success in anything. As Vince Lombardi used to say at the start of training camp for every football season as he held a football in his hands,

“Gentlemen, this is a football” 

Vince Lombardi knew the value of mastering the basics. Don’t think of getting caught up in “administrivia” until you’ve got the basics mastered.

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