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Viking Instagram Marketing Audio/Video eBook Education Bundle

Your Online Business NEEDS Instagram Marketing!

  • Instagram has over 700 million active users (yup, you heard that right).
  • 400 million use the app every single day.
  • 80% of these users are outside of the U.S. (Do you run and international business?)
  • Over 80% of Instagram users follow and engage with multiple businesses, products, or services.
  • Over 250 million Instagram users engage with the Instagram stories (paid advertising) each day which makes it a dream come true if paid ads are your focus.
  • Users share over 95 million photos and videos EACH DAY!
  • Most Instagrammers are between 18 and 29 years old.
  • Over 8 million registered businesses use Instagram.
  • Over 120 million Instagrammers engage with brands directly after their Instagram engagement—visit their website or profile URL, direct message in Instagram, email, call, visit other social platforms, or get directions.
  • By the end of 2017, 70% of brands will be on Instagram.

This audio/video/PDF package will give you the information you need to create your Instagram campaign, boost your Internet profile, and increase profits!

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