About the Download

In this introductory eBook you’ll learn:

  • What is binge eating?
  • What is compulsive eating?
  • Is there a difference?
  • What are the health problems associated with binge and compulsive eating?
  • Are you a binge eater, or do you know someone who might be?

In this eBook you’ll be introduced to the basics of binge eating disorder, signs and symptoms, and its causes. You’ll also be given some self help tips, ideas to reduce the tension that may bring on binge eating, and some insight into whether therapy is indicated in your or a loved one’s case.

This is not an in-depth study of binge eating, but an introductory guide to tell you whether further research may be advisable or necessary.

Your eBook will be delivered in both PDF and Kindle (.mobi) format. If you have a Kindle, simply upload the .mobi file from your PC or Mac after downloading.