About the Download

Viking Multi-Media Guide to Affiliate Marketing

from DeMarSouthard.com

An affiliate program is one of the primary tools available to private application developers. It’s a win-win for both the developer and the marketer, as both benefit from the affiliate arrangement. 

This fast-growing industry has seen the establishment of countless affiliate networks and sites to bring developers and marketers together.


It has created unbelievable forces of competition.

Affiliate Marketers have to leverage

As an Affiliate Marketer, your advantages are

to utilize them as profitably as possible.

In this Affiliate Marketing course from Viking Training you’ll learn

  • The tool you can use to aggressively leverage the power of the best online resource to help you bring in affiliate sales,
  • How to choose and get setup with the affiliate market place that’s right for you
  • How to identify which products will perform best for you,
  • Which traffic method to use and how to use it effectively,
  • And we’ll help you develop your battle plan to take advantage of everything you’ve learned.

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